the blood project

Participants will be invited to come to CAGLIASTRO STUDIO and have their Sacred Elixir drawn by a professional and licensed phlebotomist OR have a sigil cut directly into their SKIN, which will be pressed into a print on parchment. These materials will all be brought together and installed in - what THE SORCERESS CAGLIASTRO refers to as a "Ferrite supported  Blood magnet", or ‘battery’ which She will test for its ability to be used in Necromancy in a fixed raised "ring" upon which one can communicate with the Disincarnate .....essentially a "viewing theater" if you will.....  Participants i.e. contributors to the ‘battery’ will be selected and invited from those with whom THE SORCERESS has interacted either personally or through classes.  It is important to THE SORCERESS and to the project itself that the Sacred Elixir be drawn from individuals who have an understanding and/or respect for the work and the Disincarnate, thus cutting out one more variable.  If you are interested in being part of THE BLOOD PROJECT please contact